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"Man must evolve
for all human conflict
a method which
rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love".

   -Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Upcoming Tours

TOUR I - "Visiting Places Where Our Ancestors Wept" - May 17 - 24, 2003

Don't You Want to Know; Don't You Want to Go? Come Steal Away With Us to ceremoniously acknowledge those "dens of woe" by retracing the major routes slaves were forced to travel from the upper South to the lower South. Motor coaches will whisk participants along the Atlantic Route. We begin in Baltimore where most of the slave ships were made. Slaves were gathered in Maryland and Washington, D.C. to join those in Richmond, Virginia, where they were all taken to Norfolk, Virginia. There they were herded on to slave ships for their mournful voyage South on the Atlantic Ocean to other markets: Charleston, South Carolina; Savannah, Georgia; Mobile, Alabama; and on to New Orleans, Louisiana.

*This process of ceremoniously acknowledging (re-enactments, historical tours, etc.) bondage sites in each city is intended to bring attention to them and to ready those sites for historic marker designations.

**Sure you want to go --- Make history! Become part of the making of a first time documentary for this cause.

TOUR II - "Another Route and Other Places Where Ancestors Wept" - August 9-17, 2003

"Meet Us In Saint Louis" for a captivating tour of that city's early Black life before boarding the steamboat to remember that thousands of slaves were transported by steamboat down the Mississippi River to slave markets in the lower South. Participants will leave St. Louis, Missouri on the grand American Queen Steamboat to ready themselves for stops along the way for historic tours. Of those places where ancestors also wept: Memphis, Tennessee; Vicksburg and Natchez, Mississippi; St. Francisville, Louisiana (where we will visit plantation homes), and on to New Orleans, Louisiana. We will be accompanied by historians who will share their knowledge of slavery in these areas as we cruise.

TOUR III - Who You Be For, Baby? :African American Ancestral Research Tour in Louisiana. - October, 2003

This tour offers an opportunity (first of its kind) to those bearing a quest for an ancestral past. A strong desire to pull their sold-off , and scattered ancestors back into the family-fold. Freedom proclaimed gave rise to many people trying desperately to locate relatives who had been sold away from them. As time passed, some succeeded, but most did not. Since Haley's Roots, embers of that past fire stirred the soul of African Americans once again. But not having needed assistance and direction, success has been painstakingly slow, and for others a daunting experience.

NOT ANYMORE!!! Following a "New Orleans Style" Reception after your arrival in that city, the next day you are off on motor coaches transporting participants to their selected ancestral Parish. They will be met by Facilitators who will assist in the search.

INTERESTED? Contact us for details.

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